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Best parenting websites for teenagers and tweens

Being a parent of teenagers, I know there are fewer choices out there when you are looking for parenting advice on teenage issues. Whether it’s professional help you are seeking or peer group camaraderie, it’s hard to find quality trustworthy parenting websites for teenagers and not-yet-teens (but-already-acting-like-ones).

We all need a bit of advice every now and then to dig ourselves out of a parenting hole – especially when our children are going through the rapid and sometimes tumultuous changes of the teenage years. For first timers, The Beginner’s Guide to Parenting Teenagers is a good starting point!

When the tricky issues strike, you need to be sure your information is accurate, reliable and practical. Here is my round up of the very best parenting websites for teenagers and tweenagers – I hope you find it useful. (And if I have left any out – please let me know!)

Family Lives

Great section called ‘Got a teenager?’ with advice on drugs, alcohol, porn, sexuality, self-harming, sexting, gaming, homework, gangs and communication. You can also watch and listen to teenagers and parents talking honestly about key teenage issues, including hormones, bullying, bedrooms, anger, body image and money on their

Young Minds

First stop website if you are concerned about a young person’s mental or emotional health. There are fact sheets for parents and for young people on issues such as anxiety, eating problems, anger issues and self esteem. Includes a parent telephone helpline.

Get Safe Online

Age-specific advice on protecting tweens and teens when using computers, tablets, smartphones, social networking and apps. Everything you need to know about cyberbullying, parental controls, gaming and safe browsing all in one place.


Really useful sections on gangs, sexting, porn, talking to teenagers about sex and how to decide when a child is old enough to be left home alone.


If you suspect your teen is sexually active but they won’t open up to you then this might be a good site to direct them to. It offers free and confidential advice (via website, telephone, text and email) to under 25s on sex, relationships, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.


This site is also aimed at young people but is a great resource for parents too. Full of facts, information, advice and support about drugs and legal highs. Not sure about the latest drugs lingo? This site includes a drugs A-Z.

If you’d rather read a book than browse online, check out these Books on parenting teenagers

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best parenting websites for teenagers

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8 responses to “Best parenting websites for teenagers and tweens”

  1. Thanks very much for including me, really appreciate that! Some useful resources here for all parents of teens.

  2. Thanks, Anita – they’re tough years at times, but also hugely rewarding. Thanks again – enjoy your day 🙂

  3. Wendy says:

    Family Lives is great, I also really like the blog section by, have you ever checked out any of their articles?

  4. Nelson Hyman says:

    Thanks for sharing your information with us. Actually I am mom of two children and I also know how difficult that is to handle the teen agers. Your article is very helpful for me. Keep sharing articles like this. When I searched on internet I got one more site realted to teen parenting i:e In this website better explain how to handle the teens.

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