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How to parent smarter not harder.

Corporate Seminars & Webinars


60/90-minute parenting seminars delivered in the workplace or remotely. For working mums, dads, step-parents, grandparents, prospective parents and those just interested in learning more about being a successful working parent.

In addition to our standard parenting topics, we are currently offering specific sessions on Covid-19 related topics, including:

  • Working from home with children
  • Managing Family Life During Coronavirus
  • Supporting teenagers through social distancing
  • Supporting Children Emotionally During Uncertain Times
  • Settling Children Back into Nursery/Primary School
  • Equipping teens for the post-Covid world
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Seminar 1: The Power of Positive Parenting

An introduction to the benefits of using positive parenting strategies and the five key principles behind this approach. How to create a positive learning environment, minimize misbehaviour and stay sane as a parent!

[1-10 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

photo of young boy reading book, children's books on lying article

Seminar 2: Raising Confident, Competent Children

Helping children develop good communication and social skills, healthy self-esteem and independent problem-solving. Encouraging respect and co-operation and learning to be considerate of others.

[1-10 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

Seminar 3: Raising Resilient Children

Strategies to help children manage their emotions and deal with life’s ups and downs without tears and tantrums. Encouraging a positive outlook and dealing with stressful events.

[1-10 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

photo of teenager studying

Seminar 4: Raising Responsible Teenagers

How family life can be adapted to support teenagers on their journey to independence and responsible adulthood. Encouraging respectful and considerate behaviour and agreeing family rules.

[10-18 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

Seminar 5: Raising Competent Teenagers

Helping teenagers make the most of their opportunities inside and outside school to develop their skills, broaden their knowledge and develop routines and independent problem-solving skills.

[10-18 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

photo of teenagers

Seminar 6: Getting Teenagers Connected

Helping teenagers develop a strong positive social network and become socially skilled. Teaching teens to understand others’ viewpoints, develop planning skills and stick to commitments.

[10-18 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

photo of child taking food secretly

Seminar 7: Promoting a Healthy Body Image

Practical strategies to foster children’s confidence in their individuality and help them feel good about their bodies.

[all ages]

Anita Cleare parenting expert Watch Now webinar video tutorial on how to talk so children will listen

Seminar 8: Managing Sibling Conflict

What can parents do to prevent sibling conflict and how best to respond when it happens? This seminar explores the key reasons why sibling conflict occurs and looks at practical and effective measures to minimize bickering. Take a sneak peek at this seminar here.

[2-12 years]

parenting seminar / webinar on stress free mrning routines, photo of girl holding eggs

Seminar 9: Stress-free Morning Routines

Getting children ready and out of the house on time can be a working parent’s nightmare. Avoid morning battles with some clear and simple measures that will get everyone’s day off to a better start.

[1-10 years]

Seminar 10: Talking to children about sex & relationships

Which words? How much detail? How to protect children and equip them to make good choices? Tried-and-tested strategies for talking to children of all ages about bodies, puberty, families, relationships, sex and pregnancy.

[all ages]

Seminar 11: Children and Sleep (how to get a good night’s sleep!)

Strategies for creating a good bedtime routine and reducing the stress of bedtime battles and broken nights. Explore the reasons behind children’s poor sleep habits and the pros and cons of different solutions.

[6 mths-6 years]

Seminar 12: Making the most of time with your children

Positive parenting for busy parents! How to build a relationship with your child when your time is limited. Avoiding battles but maintaining boundaries. Parenting at a distance. Take a sneak preview of this seminar here.

[all ages]

indoor play ideas to keep young children entertained

Seminar 13: 101 ideas for supporting your child’s development

Fun practical ideas for maximising your child’s potential through play. Understand your child’s development needs at different ages and tool yourself up with fun activities to brighten up bored moments and boost your child’s development.

[0-10 years]

cheeky faced child, why don't children just do what they're asked?

Seminar 14: Building children’s self-esteem

What are the important parenting must-do’s to help children feel good about themselves? How can we challenge children’s negative thinking and encourage them to think positively and believe in themselves? This seminar explores key parenting principles and strategies for building up children’s self-esteem.

[5-16 years]

parenting seminar / webinar oh helping children cope with stress & anxiety, photo of parent hugging child

Seminar 15: Helping children cope with stress and anxiety

All children experience stressful events, whether it’s starting a new school, exams or changes in family make-up. Children who are prone to anxiety can find that their worried feelings start to impact negatively on their daily lives. This seminar looks at strategies that parents can use to support children to cope with stress and anxiety and discusses when and where to seek further help.

[5-16 years]

Seminar 16: Raising Girls/Raising Boys

How important is gender in child development? How do society’s and parents’ expectations about gender affect children? What are the differences between boys and girls and what do those differences mean in terms of how we parent sons and daughters? Take a sneak peek at this seminar here.

[0-11 years]

Seminar 17: Children and Bullying

Lots of children encounter bullying at some time in their lives, either as victim, witness or perpetrator. Most bounce back from it but, for some, it can have serious negative consequences. This seminar offers practical advice to help parents prevent, detect and respond to bullying.

[5-16 years]

Seminar 18: A positive parenting approach to Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for families. Expectations are high but conditions are primed for conflict and misbehaviour. How can parents use positive parenting strategies to pass on family values, set expectations and manage boundaries without ruining the Christmas spirit?

[1-16 years]

Seminar 19: Positive Parenting in the Digital Age

Putting appropriate limits around children’s screen time can be a real challenge for modern parents. How much tech time is too much tech time? This seminar explores the impacts of the digital world on child development and outlines positive strategies for managing children’s screen time to ensure a well-balanced childhood and create a digitally healthy family life.


Seminar 20: Talking to children about tragic events

Whether it’s family tragedy or international terrorism, we can’t always protect children from distressing news. How can parents talk to children about tragic events in an age-appropriate way without frightening them? How can we help them develop the resilience and coping skills to bounce back quickly from difficult thoughts and feelings?


Seminar 21: Supporting children’s mental health

All children need to know that it is possible to feel mentally unwell as well as physically unwell and what to do if that happens. Parents can support children’s mental health by talking about mental health, listening empathetically, using emotional first aid skills, teaching coping skills and knowing how and when to seek help.


Seminar 22: Successful Step-Parenting

Being a step-parent brings unique challenges. This honest and practical seminar examines the issues, the problems that can arise and the key ideas for making it work. With lots of time for questions and problem-solving.

[all ages]

Seminar 23: Encouraging Co-operation

How to get children to do what they’re asked, when they’re asked! Positive parenting strategies for encouraging co-operation and managing non-co-operation without shouting or threats. How to give instructions that will be followed and how to follow through if they aren’t. Practical solutions to real-life parenting problems.

[2-10 years]

Seminar 24: How to enjoy family evenings with less stress

It isn’t easy parenting at the end of a long working day – children want a piece of their parents, parents want to enjoy their children, everyone is a bit tired and looking for downtime but there is a meal to make, homework to do, PE Kit to find and wash, and reluctant children to be coaxed through the evening routine of bath, teeth and bed. This seminar is full of practical can-do tips to help working parents make family evenings with children less stressful and more enjoyable.

[2-10 years]

Seminar 25: Communicating with teenagers

The teenage years involve a major shift in parents’ relationships with their children. Striving for independence, teens can withdraw from family activities, become secretive or reject their parents’ opinions. But teenagers are very vulnerable and maintaining good communication in these years is vital. This seminar offers practical tips on how to stay connected, even through the rough patches.

[10-18 years]

photo of teenager carrying a rucksack

Seminar 26: Preparing teenagers for leaving home

Whether they are heading off to university or just getting ready for the adult world, parents have a key role in helping older teenagers have the skills, confidence and resilience to become independent young adults. Practical ideas on how to help teenagers be ready to take their place in the adult world.

[15-19 years]

Seminar 27: Family team-building with tweens and teens

At their best, families have a unique team spirit which creates a sense of unity and belonging. But families can also feel like everyone is pulling different directions, once person is doing all the running and there is nothing but arguing! Practical tips on how parents can build a good family team spirit with older children and teenagers.


Parenting as a team - two people holding hands

Seminar 28: Chalk & Cheese Parenting (managing different parenting styles)

Practical tips on finding common ground and agreeing a joint approach when you have different parenting styles. How to use conflict-reductions strategies such as family meetings, behaviour contracts and house rules. Plus, talking without blaming, staying solution-focused and building a good co-parenting relationship.

[all ages]