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How to parent smarter not harder.

Corporate Seminars & Webinars


60-minute seminars (delivered in the workplace or remotely) packed with practical strategies to help working parents be the parent they want to be.

By booking the UK’s leading expert in working parenthood, you can rest assured that your working parents are getting the best advice possible.

photo of parenting expert Anita Cleare delivering a seminar in a corporate meeting room
Teen girl wearing headphones and looking away to illustrate parenting webinar on How to get your teenager out of their bedroom

NEW How to get your teenager out of their bedroom

Practical tips for everyday actions parents can take to shift teens towards a bit more balance. Includes strategies for tackling compulsive gaming, obsessive phone use and social withdrawal, plus a blueprint for how to collaborate with a reluctant teen to plan family activities and agree boundaries.


dad carrying toddler and kissing him on the cheek

How to connect with your kids and be present when family time is limited

How time-poor parents can use small bits of time with children to make a big difference. Practical tips to help you be fully present during family time and create positive dynamics. Includes how to listen to boost relationship, connecting through playfulness and be present even when you can’t be with your children.


photo of child playing on phone to illustrate blog by parenting expert Anita Cleare on How much tech time is too much tech time?

Ensuring a Balanced Childhood in a Digital Age

Putting appropriate limits around children’s screen time can be a real challenge for modern parents. How much tech time is too much tech time? This seminar explores the impacts of the digital world on child development and outlines positive strategies for managing children’s screen time to ensure a well-balanced childhood and create a digitally healthy family life.


'Getting teenagers into a routine' by parenting expert Anita Cleare - photo of a teenagers lying on the floor listening to music

How to get your teenager to open up to you

There are lots of barriers to good communication when it comes to parents and teens. But teenagers are very vulnerable and (despite their protestations) need the guiding hand of parents. This session explores how parents can get over the barriers to communicating well with teens and be the safe listener they want to talk to.

[11-18 years]

Girl sitting on the grass looking sad to illustrate parenting webinar by parenitng expert Anita Cleare on how too listen so children will talk

How to listen so children will talk

As a parent, being a good listener can help to build a positive relationship with your children. It also makes it more likely that children will come to you when there is something wrong. This session explores the key principles of listening really well to children and outlines exactly how to do it (and what gets in the way).

[2-11 years]

cheeky faced child, why don't children just do what they're asked?

Building children’s confidence & self-esteem

What are the important parenting must-do’s to help children feel good about themselves? How can we challenge children’s negative thinking and encourage them to think positively and believe in themselves? This seminar explores key parenting principles and strategies for building up children’s confidence and self-esteem.

[5-16 years]

photo of teenager staring at a laptop experiencing school stress

NEW Teens & Screens

Lots of parents worry about the amount of time teenagers spend on digital devices. This session summarizes what we know from research about the impacts of screens on teenagers, what parents need to watch out for and practical strategies for countering screens and encouraging some balance.

[11-18 years]

Photo of man with his hands on his head looking annoyed and exasperated

NEW How to be a calm parent

No parents want to shout at their kids but when we have already asked them ten times to do something – and been ignored – it can be hard not to! This session aims to help working parents understand why children provoke our big emotions and provide practical strategies for staying calm as a parent.

[1-10 years]

mum reading story to two children

Being a resilient family during tough times

This session looks at the key factors that help to foster family resilience and boost family wellbeing. There are tips on communicating with children about difficult topics and balancing reassurance with honesty. Plus strategies for managing our own stress positively so we can parent calmly and effectively no matter what the circumstances.


photo of worried man to illustrate parenting seminar on parental anxiety

When worries get the better of us: managing parental anxiety

This session examines the common anxiety traps parents fall into. There will be concrete strategies to help parents manage anxious thoughts and feelings and change anxious behaviours. We will think about the impact of parents’ anxiety on children and how to be positive role models.


photo of tablet with the word 'Anxiety' written on it to illustrate support for parents of children with anxiety

Children & Anxiety: how parents can help

This session equips parents with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively to anxiety in their children/teens. Parents will learn strategies to prevent anxiety from escalating, as well as approaches for responding therapeutically when it occurs.


photo of the back of a girl's head looking out to sea

Supporting children’s mental health

All children need to know that it is possible to feel mentally unwell as well as physically unwell and what to do if that happens. Parents can support children’s mental health by talking about mental health, listening empathetically, using emotional first aid skills, teaching coping skills and knowing how and when to seek help.


Mum waving goodbye to illustrate Watch Now Webinar on How to banish working mum guilt

How to banish working parent guilt

Working parents often feel like we aren’t getting it right. This session aims to help parents understand where these guilt thoughts come from and the false beliefs that lie beneath them. It will help you understand what your children really need so you can focus your parenting energy on what’s most important and stop guilt getting in the way.


photo of happy young girl to illustarte parenting webinar titled "It's OK to Be Me"

It’s OK To Be Me

For children, finding out who they uniquely are and building their identity is a huge part of child development. Building positive self-esteem is hugely important for children’s long-term wellbeing. So how should parents respond when our children experience insecurities about ‘not fitting in’? How do we counter the ‘group think’ of social media and friends and reassure children that it is ok to be uniquely and authentically them?


Are you doing too much for your kids?

Why over-parenting is bad for children (and parents), why we do it, how to recognise it, and what to do instead!

A discussion-based session on how modern parents can navigate the over-parenting trap and focus on what really matters.


Photo of sulky teenage girl to illustrate webinar on communicating with teenagers

Communicating with teenagers

The teenage years involve a major shift in parents’ relationships with their children. Striving for independence, teens can withdraw from family activities, become secretive or reject their parents’ opinions. But teenagers are very vulnerable and maintaining good communication in these years is vital. This seminar offers practical tips on how to stay connected, even through the rough patches.

[10-18 years]

Photo of child doing homework, advice on How to make homework a happy habit by parenting expert Anita Cleare, photo of child writing

How to make homework a happy habit

Practical tools and advice for parents of school-aged children to maximise the benefits of homework and minimise the drama. This session explores the parental thinking traps that fuel homework fights, how to set up a regular, drama-free Study Time and how to motivate children to succeed.


photo of a child on a swing

Balancing Risks vs. Independence

How do parents find the balance between allowing children to become independent and keeping them safe? How can we warn children about dangers without frightening them? How much freedom should they have at what age? This practical session will equip parents with key principles for balancing tricky decisions and a clear route map for introducing new freedoms safely.

[all ages]

When the kids leave home

Parents experience a wide range of emotions when children leave home. It can be a real challenge to redefine who we are and what we want when no longer synced to our children’s lives. And with young adults often bouncing in and out of the parental home (or not moving out at all), drawing boundaries isn’t always simple. This thoughtful session explores the emotional and practical territory for parents of young adults.


photo of dad and child in advert for webinar by parenting expert Anita Cleare on How to parent smarter not harder

How to parent smarter not harder

This session aims to help working parents to parent smarter not harder – by understanding what children truly need from us and prioritising what’s most important. So we can do less but enjoy our children more and really be the parents our children need.


Anita Cleare parenting expert Watch Now webinar video tutorial on how to talk so children will listen

Managing Sibling Conflict

What can parents do to prevent sibling conflict and how best to respond when it happens? This seminar explores the key reasons why sibling conflict occurs and looks at practical and effective measures to minimize bickering. Take a sneak peek at this seminar here.

[2-12 years]

parenting seminar / webinar on stress free mrning routines, photo of girl holding eggs

Stress-free Morning Routines

Getting children ready and out of the house on time can be a working parent’s nightmare. Avoid morning battles with some clear and simple measures that will get everyone’s day off to a better start.

[1-10 years]

photo of children doing a tug-of-war with a rope

Creating a successful blended family 

Tips for parents to help you support your children through transition to a new family unit, building positive relationships and managing the emotional hotspots and triggers within blended families.

[all ages]

How to enjoy family evenings with less stress

It isn’t easy parenting at the end of a long working day, especially when children are tired and the evening routine takes forever. This seminar is full of practical can-do tips to help working parents make family evenings with children less stressful and more enjoyable.

[2-10 years]

Family team-building with tweens and teens

At their best, families have a unique team spirit which creates a sense of unity and belonging. But families can also feel like everyone is pulling different directions, once person is doing all the running and there is nothing but arguing! Practical tips on how parents can build a good family team spirit with older children and teenagers.


A positive parenting approach to Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for families. Expectations are high but conditions are primed for conflict and misbehaviour. How can parents use positive parenting strategies to pass on family values, set expectations and manage boundaries without ruining the Christmas spirit?

[1-16 years]

indoor play ideas to keep young children entertained

101 ideas for supporting your child’s development

Fun practical ideas for maximising your child’s potential through play. Understand your child’s development needs at different ages and tool yourself up with fun activities to brighten up bored moments and boost your child’s development.

[0-10 years]

Talking to children about sex & relationships

Which words? How much detail? How to protect children and equip them to make good choices? Tried-and-tested strategies for talking to children of all ages about bodies, puberty, families, relationships, sex and pregnancy.

[all ages]

photo of smiling teenager to illustrate article on fun family activities

Helping children cope with change

Change can be very stressful for children. Children thrive on predictability and routine and can feel insecure amid disruption. Helping children cope with change and uncertainty in a positive way can equip children and teens to manage whatever life throws at them – and ride over its ups, downs, and sudden jolts.

[all ages]

Children and Bullying

Lots of children encounter bullying at some time in their lives, either as victim, witness or perpetrator. Most bounce back from it but, for some, it can have serious negative consequences. This seminar offers practical advice to help parents prevent, detect and respond to bullying.

[5-16 years]

Encouraging Co-operation

How to get children to do what they’re asked, when they’re asked! Positive parenting strategies for encouraging co-operation and managing non-co-operation without shouting or threats. How to give instructions that will be followed and how to follow through if they aren’t. Practical solutions to real-life parenting problems.

[2-10 years]

Photo of mother cuddling young child to illustrate article on talking to children about tragic events

Talking to children about tragic events

Whether it’s family tragedy or international terrorism, we can’t always protect children from distressing news. How can parents talk to children about tragic events in an age-appropriate way without frightening them? How can we help them develop the resilience and coping skills to bounce back quickly from difficult thoughts and feelings?


Parenting as a team - two people holding hands

Chalk & Cheese Parenting (overcoming different parenting styles)

Practical tips on finding common ground and agreeing a joint approach when you have different parenting styles. How to use conflict-reductions strategies such as family meetings, behaviour contracts and house rules. Plus, talking without blaming, staying solution-focused and building a good co-parenting relationship.

[all ages]

photo of teenager carrying a rucksack

Preparing teenagers for leaving home

Whether they are heading off to university or just getting ready for the adult world, parents have a key role in helping older teenagers have the skills, confidence and resilience to become independent young adults. Practical ideas on how to help teenagers be ready to take their place in the adult world.

[15-19 years]

The Power of Positive Parenting

An introduction to the benefits of using positive parenting strategies and the five key principles behind this approach. How to create a positive learning environment, minimize misbehaviour and stay sane as a parent!

[1-10 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

photo of young boy reading book, children's books on lying article

Raising Confident, Competent Children

Helping children develop good communication and social skills, healthy self-esteem and independent problem-solving. Encouraging respect and co-operation and learning to be considerate of others.

[1-10 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

Raising Resilient Children

Strategies to help children manage their emotions and deal with life’s ups and downs without tears and tantrums. Encouraging a positive outlook and dealing with stressful events.

[1-10 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

photo of teenager studying

Raising Responsible Teenagers

How family life can be adapted to support teenagers on their journey to independence and responsible adulthood. Encouraging respectful and considerate behaviour and agreeing family rules.

[10-18 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

Raising Competent Teenagers

Helping teenagers make the most of their opportunities inside and outside school to develop their skills, broaden their knowledge and develop routines and independent problem-solving skills.

[10-18 years. Part of the Triple P® series]

photo of teenagers

Getting Teenagers Connected

Helping teenagers develop a strong positive social network and become socially skilled. Teaching teens to understand others’ viewpoints, develop planning skills and stick to commitments.

[10-18 years. Part of the Triple P® series]