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How to parent smarter not harder.

Parenting Coaching

It’s not easy being a parent. Whether it’s toddlers or teenagers, sometimes we all need a little advice to get along with our children a bit better, argue a little less and support them to reach their full potential. The Positive Parenting Project offers parenting coaching you can trust that fits easily into your life.

All our private parenting coaching begins with a free telephone consultation with a parenting expert to discuss your concerns and agree an appropriate support package. We have coaches who specialise in all aspects of parenting. Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and can be delivered to individuals or couples, at times to suit you.

  • Telephone/online coaching: telephone or zoom sessions with a parenting coach at a time of day to suit you. (£160.00 for a 60 minute session)
  • Lunchtime parenting sessions: 1-2-1 parenting coaching in your lunch hour. Ideal for working parents. Limited to locations in central London and parts of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Surrey. (£225.00 per 60 minute session + travel costs)
  • Evening home visits: 1-hour parenting coaching sessions in the privacy of your own home. Locations limited, please contact us for details. (£250.00 per session + travel costs)
  • Parenting after divorce or separation: Bespoke packages of specialised coaching to support co-parenting after separation

Parenting coaching can be used in conjunction with an online parenting course or parenting self-help workbooks.

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photo of parenting expert Anita Cleare who offers private parenting coaching plus parenting support and an online parenting course

The Work/Parent Switch.

By Anita Cleare

Not sure where to start?

Practical tips on how to be the parent your child needs and create happy family dynamics (but still do your job!)

massive improvement in family life

I am pleased to tell you that we really have seen a massive improvement in family life and have all adjusted well to the changes we've put in place... [our son] as a result is in a much happier place and looking forward to his summer and starting school. He really is doing well!

1-2-1 client

a light on the other side of the dark tunnel

As a working parent, a mother of 14-month-old boy, I feel the information/guidance you mentioned today like a light on the other side of the dark tunnel to me.

working parent

Thank you for your guidance

I do think things are improving. Sometimes he still doesn’t do what I say when I ask... but you relaxed me and made me feel like I wasn’t failing as a parent so now I am able to even find some joy in those times when he is being difficult (most of the time).

1-2-1 client

more harmonious household

we have changed our approach and it has reaped lots of benefits. We definitely have a more harmonious household now and can enjoy our family time together.

1-2-1 client