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Positive parenting tips for a harmonious family holiday

Family holidays are great. They are the stuff that memories are made of – full of relaxed time and laughter, the true essence and point of childhood. Well, that’s the theory, anyway!

In reality, holidays with children present lots of challenges. Children are out of their routines and often over-excited. Parents want to see the kids having fun but also need to draw appropriate boundaries without feeling like the holiday Grinch. And we’d also just like a moment to relax please!

So here are a few simple positive parenting tips to help you manage over-spilling emotions, maximise the enjoyment, and reinforce some simple safety and behaviour rules. Whether you are staycationing, jetting off somewhere sunny or just heading out on a day trip, these tips will help you enjoy some harmonious family holiday time. Have fun!

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photo of happy family on a beach to illustrate parenting tips for a harmonious family holiday

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The Work/Parent Switch.

By Anita Cleare

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Practical tips on how to be the parent your child needs and create happy family dynamics (but still do your job!)

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