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Introducing a new baby to your family

I am frequently asked for advice on the best tactics for introducing a new baby. Many parents worry about how they will cope with the added demands of a new baby and how a sibling’s arrival will affect their existing children.

Now, given that life with little ones can be rather hectic, I have put all my thoughts on this subject into a recording. So you can put your feet up and listen at leisure….

In this podcast, you’ll find tips on preparing your child for a new baby during the build-up to birth, plus how to manage the very real juggle of having more than one child to nurture and keep happy. This 50-minute recording is packed with practical advice on introducing a new baby to your family, and also touches on sibling rivalry, books to read and on what change feels like for our little people. Enjoy!

[For extra resources, take a look at these Books for preparing toddlers for new babies and these Children’s books about sibling rivalry.]


Photo of baby to illustrate podcast on introducing a new baby to your family by parenting expert Anita Cleare

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By Anita Cleare

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