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Gender neutral parenting: doomed to fail?

Is it possible to raise girls and boys in a gender neutral way without the influence of gender stereotypes? What can parents do to counter gender bias in children’s lives? Here are a few thoughts on why gender neutral parenting is doomed to fail but why we should all be trying to do it anyway.

(This is an excerpt from a 60-minute seminar on ‘Raising Girls/Raising Boys’)

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The Work/Parent Switch.

By Anita Cleare

Not sure where to start?

Practical tips on how to be the parent your child needs and create happy family dynamics (but still do your job!)

2 responses to “Gender neutral parenting: doomed to fail?”

  1. Sam Ashton says:

    This is easier said than done but parents have to do all they can to provide a good growing environment for their children.

    • AnitaCleare says:

      Gender is everywhere and it’s very hard for parents to combat those messages but I do think that trying is important and can provide a bit of balance and perspective and the spaces that children need to grow into their best selves.

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