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Best books for teenage boys

Keeping teenage boys engaged with reading isn’t always easy. At a time in their lives when instant gratification thrill-seeking instincts are in the driving seat, books for teenage boys have to compete with the higher adrenalin kicks and quicker pay-offs of sport and computer games, the social approval of hanging out with peer groups and the no-brain-input-required of easy watching TV box sets. The odds aren’t good.

best books for teenage boysTo compete with those alternatives, books for teenage boys need to offer thrills, excitement and the kind of page-turning compulsion that keeps them reading even when the technology is calling. Not to mention, stretching them to new emotional levels and providing insight into themselves and the world they are about to inherit.

This is my list of books for teenage boys that simply cannot be dismissed as boring! As long as you can get him to start one of these books, he won’t want to put it down! (Got younger boys? See these recommendations!)

Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance

best books for teenage boys
By Oliver Bowden. An epic tale of vengeance, honour, and a fight for justice that features real historical characters like Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli. Enough to give Call of Duty a run for it’s money! (15 yrs+)


The Apothecary

best books for teenage boys
By Malie Melloy. An atmospheric spy story set in the 1950s with a teenage hero and heroine, a sacred book, kidnapping and nuclear weapons – a real pot-boiler! (13 yrs+)


How To Train Your Dragon

best books for teenage boys
By Cressida Cowell. Full of fabulous alliterative prose and a wonderful use of words, this book can inspire a real love of language. It also has a cracking plot and lots of humour and a whole series of follow up books to read if he enjoys it! (12 yrs+)


War Horse

best books for teenage boysBy Michael Morpurgo. This is a challenging read in terms of the language, the historical setting and the harrowing emotions. But there is so much in here to appeal to boys (who, let’s face it, wouldn’t otherwise touch an historical love story with a barge pole!). A wonderful treatise on what it means to be a man and what it feels like to experience loss and war and have a deep bonded relationship. (13 yrs+)



best books for teenage boys
By Philip Pullman. A spine-tingling page-turner of a fantasy with a real sense of urgency which means you just can’t put it down! Love, danger, bravery and a mysterious world in which anything can happen – a book to lose yourself in and wish you hadn’t finished it so quickly. (12 yrs+)


If you have found these recommendations helpful or have experience of great books for teenage boys to add to this list, please do comment and let us all know!

This is not a sponsored post – these are all books that have been recommended by teenage boys! It does however contain affiliate links, which means that if you click through from this post to Amazon and buy one of the books I will receive a small fee. See Disclosure Notice for more info.

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6 responses to “Best books for teenage boys”

  1. I have all girls but I think some of these would work for girls too, my eldest has read War Horse actually. Great suggestions, thanks for linking up with #ReadWithMe

  2. These sound like great reads, I think these will be great for my daughter and my niece when they get older too as we don’t have many boys in the family, just 1! I can imagine they would have to be really exciting to keep their attention these days with so many distractions #readwithme

    • AnitaCleare says:

      I think that because children grow up watching high-action and adventure films, they can sometimes find books a bit dull or tame so a bit of excitement to hook them into reading is a good idea!

  3. Great suggestions. My boys both love to read, but they go through phases of not reading and I’m always looking for ideas to get them back into reading.

    • AnitaCleare says:

      Isn’t it brilliant when they really really get into a book! All the books in this selection have great ‘hooks’ so as long as you can get them to open the book, the story will do the rest!

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